These days, anyone with a smartphone can claim to be a photographer. Anyone can snap a shot at the push of a button, save and share that image immediately. But this isn't just about taking a quick snap - this is about taking the "right" snap. When you're capturing your special moment, most likely a once-in-a-lifetime moment, never to be recreated again, you don't want just anyone behind the lens. You want Vine + Vow Lifestyle | Intimate Portraits!

When you hire a professional photographer, you’re not just hiring a technician – you’re hiring an artist! Photography can get pretty technical, but in the end, it’s an artform. When you view a photographers' portfolio online or during an in person consultation, you’re most likely swooning over their personal style, which has taken them many years, experimentation, and hard work to perfect.

Unlike just anyone with a smart phone, you can also expect a professional to reproduce this style again for your images. Only through years of experience can a professional photographer produce a consistent artistic look. If you want your images and your family heirlooms to look like the images you see in my portfolio, your best bet is to hire Vine + Vow Intimate Portraits for your family’s precious moments.




  • single location with multiple looks | 2 wardrobe changes
  • free what-to-wear guide
  • Album Set- 20 page Linen Album | USB | Linen Album Box

(extra: cameo window $25, gilding, 25, painted text $25) OR

  • wooden box, 60 prints, crystal USB drive with all edited images
  • all edited files in an online downloadable gallery
  • 15% OFF a la carte



  • single location with 1 look
  • 25 digital images
  • 5x7 Custom Print Set w/25 Printed Fine Art Images
  • 15% off a la carte

I require a $100 deposit plus a signed contract to save your date.

Not sure what 2 wear...don't worry. i have a what 2 wear guide for you to help you choose the best outfit for your family's heirloom.